The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon

Title: The Stars Shine Down
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Publication: William Morrow & Company, Inc. Oct. 5th 1992
Format: Hardbound, 304 pages
Genre: Thriller; Mystery; Romance
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Synopsis: (From Goodreads
Lara Cameron is a famous powerful wealthy New York building developer who struggled from brutal poverty in Glace Bay, a banker who took her body as part of her first deal, to Chicago, banker Keller whose love she takes lightly for granted. As her skyscrapers and boutique hotels tower on earth, she is at the top of a male dominated field. She lies and cheats to close a deal, making cruel enemies. She is forty, beautiful, glamorous, insecure, ruthless, vulnerable, secretly generous, rich - and still wants more. She marries an international concert pianist, the Lochinvar of her childhood dreams, but someone puts him in the hospital and threatens to take down her empire.

This is an old book that was lent to me by Aunt for she knew that reading was my pleasure. I did not expect she would give me such book that time because it has rated PG. But she knows her niece is not dire.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and crash, Lara Cameron thought. It would be a fitting end. Somewhere, somehow, it had all gone wrong. It’s the Fates, Lara thought. You can’t fight the Fates. In the past year her life had spun wildly out of control. She was in danger of losing everything. At least nothing else can go wrong, she thought wryly. There is nothing else.

Lara had no time to feel lonely. And who ever read this book would have no time to stop reading. It is embracing all else and saturated with promise. It contains explicit words about Lara Cameron who is young and beautiful. Rising from a past she seeks to repress, she achieves her wildest ambition, creating a much-envied business empire. Then, overnight, all that has gone before, her fortune, her achievements, and her marriage—everything—is at risk. She let in Paul Martin, Howard Keller and Philip Adler to bear on her life. These men did salutary and well as her world shines.

Sidney Sheldon’s The Stars Shine Down is enormously entertaining. The best single book on the entertainment business I have ever read. You want an adventure novel you simply cannot put down, grab this book.


Let's leave it up to this quote from Emily Brontë: "And from the midst of cheerless gloom I passed to bright unclouded day."

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