4 Jul 2015

Blogger Update 101

Hello dear readers! I apologize for the lack of bookish posts since my blog anniversary. When class started, I am rarely seen opening a good book to read and opening my laptop to update my blog. My spare time is already for sleep, reading text books and! studying well. Blessings came like I got an unexpected full scholarship. But as the sayings states, if something came you have to give up something too. Well, I'm not giving up book blogging, but I'll just not be that active. I will still have future reviews tho. UNFORTUNATELY! I am not reviewing books anymore from my Kindle and epubs from Netgalley or Edelweiss, only the books I have and available to read, BECAUSE I F-ING DELETED MY PHONE APPS BECAUSE OF VIRUSES OF SEVEN HELLS!!! I lost my Kindle app, virtual readers, including the ebooks I bought. I can download those apps again but the booooooooooookkkkkkksss!! They are already lost. I don't know how to retrieve them back. *Sobs.* *Crying again!!* I don't want to think of it again but it's good to share to you guys for you know the feeling. I can't express it to my family for they might think I'm just over-reacting. But who would not? My beloved books!

See you soon, lovelies! It's really good to think I still have you on the other side of the world. X
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