3 Jun 2015

Wrap Up: Goodbye Mighty May!

A wrap up! This is the very first in my one year of blogging. Wait? One year means. . . I am in the blogging world for a year already! Look at how time flies so fast? It's just a year a go since I first posted my post. It's actually on Tumblr that I started book blogging but I disliked the format of my blog post there so I moved to Blogger!

I am very much grateful to those people who me on book blogging. The first blog I visited is Hazel's Staybookish. I love how she is flawless on her posts and her blog design is so gorgeous! I also participated on the third blog anniversary celebration of The Notebook Sisters! I had fun answering their crazy questions and what's more cool is they got an Alice In Wonderland theme party! Wooot, wooot!

And because I'm lazy to send sweet messages, here's a list of those lovelies I am so thankful for!:
To authors, Isobel Harrop for her inspiring book The Isobel Journal, Sherrie Wouters for trusting me her book Life Lived Twice and everything she have told me, Jen Sanya Williamson by her urging lovely to read music on her book Six Strings (your book gave me a heart to music on books), Jill Knapp who entrusted me her book to be reviewed Chase, Milda Harris for letting me review her book Doppelganger, J.A. Buckle I will never forget your enthusiasm on your book and your trust in me, Katie Coyle for reading my request on Goodreads and lovely response, Nikki Kelly and to her lovely Styclar Saga, Leah Thomas and to her Ollie and Moritz, may you continue to inspire every single reader, and to Marci Lyn Curtis who inspired with her awesomeness, you rock my lady! I would never forget my first blog event The 2015 Young Adult Debut Novels. It would have never been successful without: Anne Boles Levy and her Temple of Doubt, Moriah McStay and her Everything That Makes You, Kelly Loy Gilbert and her Conviction, Lee Kelly and her City of Savages, Maggie Hall and her Conspiracy Of Us, Stacey Lee and her Under a Painted Sky, and David Arnold and his Mosquitoland.
To publishers, AuthorBuzz, Gemelli Press LLC, Capstone, Barbour Publishing, Inc., Kensington Books, In This Together Media, Simon & Schuster, Simon Pulse, AuthorBuzz, Hachette Children's Books, Orchard Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers, Harper Teen, and to all publishers who approve my requests on Netgalley. AND, to Netgalley, without this team, I would never be reading great stories from great authors and never would know the person behind that great book.
To book blog tours, IFB, YA Book Bound, Xpresso Reads, Bookish Diaries Book Tours, Jen Halligan and Pinoy Book Tours. It's great to be one of your hosts, continue supporting great books!
And, to book blogger friends, there are lot of you that I want to mention but my time is ticking (for lunch and I'm hungry and note that I'm lazy, LOL, sorry) so. . . Hi! Stay Bookish, Paper Fury, Carmel & Kyla, Lily's Book Blog, Aimee at Deadly Darlings, Diva Booknerd, Her Book Thoughts!, Jules Bookshelf, Oops! I Read A Book Again, Sporadic Reads, These Paper Hearts and Writer For Misfits. You guys are awesome!

I know. There are tons of them and some I can't remember. But as much as possible (I am grateful for those people who usually visit my blog and leave some lovely comments), I thank them by putting their blog names on my blog roll. Also, they are the blogs I mostly visit.

Well, so much for this! Keep it up in mind that I am really thankful for you everyone! *Wink!

Last month went hella good but sort of sad because my internet have gone crazy. Here's what I have posted in the month of May.

Sup around the book blogging world:

Jess of My Reading Dress talked about Politically Prim and Proper: Have I Forgotten How To Free My Speech?. Her vocabulary nearly cracked my brain.
The Book Addicts Guide shared her Scarlet series review spoiler-free! She also recommended some books like the Scarlet Trilogy.
Lucia on Reading Is My Breathing gave out tips on How To Survive Vacation (For Book Junkies).

So how's your year of blogging, eh? Or whatever happened on your past month! Share some! I would love to read them.

P.S.: Sorry I don't have books to giveaway as a thank you. I'm saving things up for my birthday. I want my twenties to be fab! LOL.

2 Jun 2015

Review: The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi

Expected Publication: June 16th 2015 by Harper Teen
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: ARC, Paperback, 304 pages
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Before Matt, Ella had a plan. Get over her ex-boyfriend and graduate high school—simple as that. But Matt—the cute, shy bass player—was never part of that plan. And neither was spending an entire night saying "yes" to every crazy, fun thing they could think of. But then Matt leaves town, breaking Ella's heart. And when he shows up a year later, wanting to relive the night that brought them together, Ella isn't sure if re-creating the past can help them create a different future. Or maybe it can . . .

A light and worthwhile summer read that would reminisce readers of Paper Towns and The Last Year's Mistake.

The Night We Said Yes is written in the voice of Ella in alternating chapters between the present and a year in the past. Ella spent her summer night before senior year of high school with her best friend Meg and band friends Jake, who's also Meg's on and off boyfriend, and Matt, the band's new bassist. After running away from cops from a party, they end up in a restaurant and decided to kill the night by saying "yes" to whatever silly they could think—from drinking games at the high school rooftop, skinny dipping in the school pool, and rocking a local shop with the band's performance. Ella and Matt grows a closeness by discovering weird habits and cute pinkie touch. Readers would expect Ella and Matt's cunning relationship would last but Matt just. . . disappeared. No clues, no phone calls, nothing. But after a year of Ella trying on moving on, Matt appeared reliving that last night of saying yes.

What's cool to The Night We Said Yes is Ella, Matt, Meg and Jake's friendship. The teemingness of their relationship drama is tolerable. The purpose on their character is well-spread throughout the story. It's never unfair - like it's all about Ella's but we can also see Matt, Meg and Jake through her. Lauren Gibaldi made their relationship strong by a night of saying "yes" to every crackpot thing they could think of. Even though I'm not part of their circle of friends, I can feel the fun and craziness they are having, too. Which is very important on writing a story - to make your reader be part of it.

Gibaldi wrote The Night We Said Yes free from ambiguity and without dodging. Readers surely would enjoy this fast paced read. As previously mentioned, I have thought back the night of saying "yes" experience as of Paper Towns adventure - when Q and his friends drove off to find Margo. Not to mention the 'naked' part. LOL. And, to the The Last Year's Mistake alternating chapters between the present and the past.

I am not sure to recommend this for fans of Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti because unfortunately I have not read any books from these authors. Apologies guys. But I am having no doubt, for those fans of witty, audacious, romantic read, will relish The Night We Said Yes.

 Interested to read 'The Night We Said Yes'?
Pre-Order at: Book Depository, Amazon, B&N
Source: Author · I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content.

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