To Review or Not To Review an ARC Received A Year Later?

I am one of those bloggers that gets a physical ARC later its publication date.

Most of the time, I blame our local post office for sending it to my doorstep too late. I also keep visiting their office if a package for me has arrived and they would answer me with “There’s nothing yet.”. Then, when I receive the package, the date stamp says it arrived in their office a month ago. Cool, right? I don’t know what they do with their lives in that office but it has just a small space that I can even do the things they do. Our municipality is small too that I think I can manage the post office alone. Well, except for sending out the letters and other parcels, that would be the messenger’s job. But for the post master? Gosh. I’m sorry for this rant. Let’s get to what my post is about.

As I’ve mentioned, I get ARCs days later its publication date.
Sometimes, it took years for me to have it.

For me, getting an ARC just days later its publication date is still all right to read and give it a review. It’s still manageable to support the author of the book and give it a boost. Or before I receive the ARC (I know since I have an expected date to receive it), I promote the book on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

For ARCs I got that was due like a year or more, I would still read it. But, can I still give it a review? I mean, a review as an ARC? Or would I just read the finished copy?

I think most of you would suggest that I would read the finished copy and that I give my review of it instead of the ARC. However, the ARC was a gift. Like I won it from a Twitter giveaway. I also want to read the ARC because it’s the only physical copy I’ve got and the finished one is not available in our local bookstore yet or that I’m broke at the moment. Can I still give it a review?

I need enlightenment on this. I don’t want to lie to my blog’s readers that I reviewed a book letting them know that it was in its finished copy instead that it was an ARC and was published years ago. That’s also rude to the book community, right or what?

If you're curious, I thought of this while reading Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall. I received the ARC last year but just thought of reading it now. Still, it’s one year and eight months late.

Also, I have reviewed eARCs from Netgalley before that it was due to its publication date (months or so). But Netgalley is different, right?

This is frustrating.

What do you think? Have you encountered same dilemma as mine? Any proffers?

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Let's leave it up to this quote from Emily Brontë: "And from the midst of cheerless gloom I passed to bright unclouded day."

  1. I get surprise ARCs in the mail sometimes, and because they're unsolicited I can't always prioritize them even if I really want to read the book. And yep, unfortunately that does sometimes mean I can be weeks or even more than a year late with my review, though publishers seem to appreciate them anyway! And I don't specifically denote ARC vs. finished copy when I review though, I just say that my review is based on a review copy received from a publisher. If I quote from an ARC I will write a disclaimer saying so, but that's about it.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  2. I'm very new to the advance reviewing world- In fact I only just got my first copy! But I prefer DRC because if there's any problem in the downloading or any delay it's definitely my fault for mishandling the technology.

    I also choose to do this because I live in India, and the amount of time it would take for me to receive an ARC would significantly reduce my value to the publisher.

  3. First, being small is really not a good excuse. They should hire more people if having a hard time catching up (I know b/c my aunt used to work in a very small town as a letter carrier).

    As for the ARCs. Yes review if you so choose. There are no hard and fast rules. You can simply state it is from an ARC and not a finished copy. I usually don't worry about it unless I'm quoting the book. I have given my ARCs away to others I know would enjoy and review after I'm done and it is a much latter date after it has been published. Be mindful that not all publishers like that but some don't mind. Just contact them if it concerns you. Often they are happy to get more reviews on their books out there.

  4. I'm not an expert on ARC's since I don't request them often, but I would think it would be okay to review and just state the situation. That way everything is out in the open. I think Mogsy has it about right. :)

  5. I think if you received the ARC for review and you genuinely want to read and review it then go ahead! I have old ARCs and eARCs from Net Galley and I definitely don't see anything wrong with reading them and reviewing them. The publisher sends them to you in hopes you'll read and review (if unsolicited, and REALLY hope and kind of expect if requested) the book so that's what you should do :D I also think that late reviews can have their own kind of sway because it brings the book to people's minds again and might finally tempt them to read it - especially if the review is a positive one!

  6. I think as long as you're interested in reading it and want to review it, it shouldn't matter if it's a month or even years later. I love discovering new to me reads that aren't hyped or have been out for a few years (they're usually bargain buys too).


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