Obsidian and Stars

Series: Ivory and Bone #2
Publication: June 13th 2017 by HarperTeen
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Format: ARC, 359 pages
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      After surviving the chaotic battle that erupted after Lo and the Bosha clan attacked, now Mya is looking ahead to her future with Kol. All the things that once felt so uncertain are finally falling into place. But the same night as Kol and Mya’s betrothal announcement, Mya’s brother Chev reveals his plan to marry his youngest sister Lees to his friend Morsk.
     The only way to avoid this terrible turn of events, Morsk informs Mya when he corners her later, is for Mya to take Lees’ place and marry him herself.
      Refusing to marry anyone other than her beloved, and in an effort to protect her sister, Mya runs away to a secret island with Lees. And though it seems like the safest place to hide until things back home blow over, Mya soon realizes she’s been followed. Lurking deep in the recesses of this dangerous place are rivals from Mya’s past whose thirst for revenge exceeds all reason.
      With the lives of her loved ones on the line, Mya must make a move before the enemies of her past become the undoing of her future.

The definition of the word ‘understanding’ on every dictionary I find was not as I was expecting and so as I understood the meaning of it. There are different explanations on how a person understands simple or complex things and it gives different interpretation from another person.  And this… is how I misunderstood Mya in Ivory and Bone.

As I’ve mentioned on my review of Ivory and Bone, I hated her for being obstinate and I understood for she has her reasons. My understanding on her part was shallow. But as I read the first chapter of Obsidian and Stars, I cried. I wanted to kneel and apologize that I have wrongly judge her.  In this sequel of the series Ivory and Bone, Mya thought me much better than Kol – on how to be a good leader and at the same time a sister and a lover. She has let me understood on why you need to hold back. Mya is a brilliant character, a good influence for being a brave heart.

Obsidian and Stars talks about the reluctance to forgive, to trust, and to accept. I have learned a lot of lessons other than that but I can’t quite recall. Also, there are points of the story that I want to know more because I felt they were cliff hangers but I told myself that I would wait for it on the last book. Regardless, it is the right book to share to your grandchildren someday. Well, just let them realize that the killings were part of it since this is set in prehistoric.

Lyrical; depictions from difficult hunting scenes to speechless grief – Julie Eshbaugh has done a of surpassing excellence on writing Obsidian and Stars. Unlike Ivory and Bone, it started epic!

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Let's leave it up to this quote from Emily Brontë: "And from the midst of cheerless gloom I passed to bright unclouded day."

  1. Oh this makes me curious about both books. You have me very curious about her writing in particular. I'm going to have to see if my library has these. Brilly review.

  2. Nice to see that this is good since I just bought the first book. :) Good timing! I'm so curious about these and am only a few chapters in but I'll have to come back and read your reviews again after I finish them!

  3. I've seen a lot of people enjoying this. I enjoyed your thoughts on this one and if I see the first one at the library next time, maybe I'll grab it.

  4. I am glad to see that your past bad experience with the first book has been wiped away, and you could enjoy reading this one a whole lot more. There must have been something significant in those opening pages to change your mind so thoroughly. I am just so happy you could love this sequel ^.^

  5. I wanted to check out the first book when it came out, but because of the tepid reviews I decided to wait and see. Now I'm starting to wish I'd jumped on board when I had the chance! Glad to hear the second book was an improvement.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  6. Oooh really good to hear you enjoyed this! I read your Ivory and Bone review and while I'm not sure when I'm picking this series up, I WANT TO after your glowing reviews! Thank you so much for sharing! <3

  7. I went to the book release event for the first book in this series, have the book, and still haven't read it. I am the worst! It sounds really good. Great review!
    Sam @ WLABB

  8. I have been seeing these books around. It sounds like you really connected with the main character, which is nice to see. The covers are certainly intriguing. How lovely that you found the second book even better!

  9. This sounds like a really good series. I am so glad that you enjoyed this one. Great review!

  10. Nice review, Yani! I've actually never heard of these books but your review of book 2 certainly has made me curious, especially since your opinion on the protagonist seemed to change with this installment. And it appears like much of this book resonated with you; I'm really happy to hear that. :)

  11. Wonderful review, Yani! I just bought Julie's new book, and I can't wait to read it. I am so excited for Mya's point of view and to see what happens next!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  12. I liked this one, and I think I liked and understood Mya better in this one as well.


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