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I am grateful for my new blogger friend Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books for tagging everyone that read her Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award tag. Go check out her blog, guys! She's such an adorable person.

When did you start reading?

I started reading (and never stopped) books in high school. It's when my classmate brought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone that his uncle sent him, well, sent the seven books. After he reads the first book, I'll borrow it and the next and the next. Sad that I have not finished the fifth book because finals came and I had to refrain myself from reading. But then I wasn't able to catch up on reading the next book for I have picked another (not HP) book to read.

But I got fond of books and reading when I visited Manila summer of 2010. I bought Richelle Mead's Shadow Kiss. The third book of The Vampire Academy series. I never knew about series before. Never knew that it is the third book of the series and not the first. Never knew that Goodreads. I was so dumb before. I just read books without knowing how they flow

Then I bought lots of books from a store called Book Sale. Obviously, they sell books that are cheap. Bargain. I bought lots of books from there for $3 or so. I love buying books from there because of the smell of the books. (LOL.) Yes, for real.

I never knew way back then what genre I'm happy to read with. I started reading the books I bought. I enjoyed them mostly but some remained unfinished. My bookmarks are still there.  

Do you prefer digital copies of books, or physical ones?

Physical. Especially those with hardcovers. Before, I prefer paperback because it's more handy than hardbacks. But when Defiant Unto Death came from the post office. I fell in love with it. It's not the first book in hardback that I own. I just fell in love. It's like a gem.

Where do you buy/get your books? A library, a bookshop, online?

Bookshop. I don't like to order online because aside from paying the shipping fees, I'll pay for the custom fees. I just hate the post office for that. ARGH.

Who’s your favorite character of all times?

This is such an unfair question, Marie! Haha. I'll answer it this way. I love Margo from Paper Towns. I am in love with her character. She's sort of like me - adventurous, sort of a brat, leaves clues everywhere. Everything on Margo's character. I thank John Green enough for creating Margo. BUT, I love love Queen Elara of Red Queen. Can she be my freaking mom?! Or can I just have her abilities?

Did you ever read a book with high expectations, and ended up very disappointed?

Oh yes, recently, I have read Last Year's Mistake. Just... read my review. *Sigh.

If you could write a book, how would you like it to be? Feel free to say, I wish I’d written X book, because…or tell me about an idea of a book you’d love!

Well, I'm not really into writing a book. I'm just a reader. I have to say that not every book blogger is interested in writing. I am also terrible at writing, even just a poem.

Is there a genre you don’t like, and will never read?

Can I just tell you I don't like books and will never read something like Anne Rice's Memnoch The Devil? I just don't get those kinds of books so much. I tried but it's not convincing.

What are your bookish habits? Do you read inside, outside, take notes, read all at once?

I read whenever possible and anywhere possible. AS LONG AS IT IS AS SILENT AS A LIBRARY.

What’s your favorite place to read?

When at school, I prefer the library but when I'm at home, in my mom's room. It's pretty peace for reading.

Give me three books that made you happy you got into reading. Three books you think everyone should read, because they’re just THAT amazing.

The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon
Everyone should read this. I don't care if you prefer YA but this book would be an 'influential read' for everybody especially for those still growing up and have bigger dreams than just reading in a couch and blogging in a coffee table.

by Jamie McGuire
If you want a hot guy with tattoos, Travis Maddox is for you. I love Travis and Abby's chemistry so much. By far this is the most fierce romance read I ever had! I am not giving this a review. I want to keep the feels in my mind. (LOL.) What an excuse! Such a procrastinator.
Rating: !!!

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
I would lie if this book did not made me happy I got into reading. If you happen to read my review of this, I know you would get bored. Because there's nothing but a rant you would never understand.

I nominate these bloggers to do the The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award tag:

The ten questions for you to answer:
1. Who is the first author you met and signed your book?
2. What's the difference of YA and NA for you?
3. When did you start blogging?
4. Did you ever had an argument towards a blogger because of a book or any reason that you had?
5. If you'll be stuck in a dystopian world, from what book would it be?
6. Do you get 'ARC envy' when you see bloggers who have ARC from a book you would love to read in advance?
7. What interesting part of your life that you want to be written by a best selling author?
8. Your favorite book is going to be a movie and you're invited from the director himself, who will you portray if you'll be given a chance to?
9. What do you think of The Fifty Shades Trilogy?
10. The sisters you will nominate, are they close to you or do you just like their blog designs, reviews, etc?

Thank you guys for taking time to read! If you are not nominated and want to do this tag, just go to Marie's blog, read hers and do yours!


Let's leave it up to this quote from Emily Brontë: "And from the midst of cheerless gloom I passed to bright unclouded day."

  1. Ah, we stopped at the same Harry Potter book! xD I just finished the fourth last year, and the size of book five is intimidating me. I'll be sure to read it in the future, though. :) I used to not know which books in a series came first as well! Before Goodreads, I just looked at the bestseller lists of my favorite bookstores and buy whatever they featured there!

    Ugh, yes. That's why I don't join too many giveaways anymore--the purpose is lost on me since I still have to pay the customs fee. :( It was okay back when we had to pay 40php each package, but now it's up to 100--no thanks.

    I read anywhere as well! But the quiet thing is optional. If the book is hard to get into, I need a quiet place to read, but if it's really good, I can probably read it even at a party. :)

    1. Glad I'm not alone at all for not finishing reading Harry Potter! I think we all started not figuring and sorting things out until we know them and master them.

      Me, too. I just RT giveaways to spread but not join them bc if ever I'll win, I'll pity for the books I won and I want them. ARGH. They are not even bombs for us to pay? Just books. BOOKS!!

      YAAAY! I'm not alone at not being picky with a reading place. Sometimes at school, I can read even though my classmates are so loud. Yep, right, when the book is such a good read.

      Thanks for reading, Aimee! :*

  2. I love to grab a book or bring mine and have a cup of coffee and read at the local bookstore. I love being surrounded by all those books!! Unfortunately, the public library close to me (though super nice) always is filled-to-the-gills with people - so home is better. Even better, next to a pool right?? Thanks for sharing about your book love, Yani :)

    1. There's a bookstore near my school where they have comfortable seats where they let us read! It's so cozy there and silent like a bookstore. It's okay too bc the customers are well-behave when they enter the store. I have read a book by just seating there all day but it's far from where I live so I can't be there whenever I want to. Like you said, home is better. But we don't have a pool. Only stream. You're welcome! Thank you too. :))

  3. I actually never finished the HP series, I loved the first book, but I never got around to the others, maybe one day.

    I usually order online in my case since I live in the U.S and I can usually get free shipping sometimes. The bookstores are super pricey here :( Great answers though <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. Same here, Benish. Maybe one day.

      Lucky for you. I wanna live then there since you mentioned that. *Sigh. Jealous reader here. Plus you can attend book signings, right? Double-jealous. But ooooh, I didn't know bookstores there would display expensive books.

      Thanks! :)

  4. Yay for VA!! I love that series so much. I really like HC to look at, but PB copies are the way to go. I always buy my books online unless I go to a signing. Bookstores just aren't conveniently close by!

    Queen Elara is absolutely terrifying. I could definitely use her powers though ;)

    Lovely blog you have here!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Hi Rachel!
      Yes, yay for VA. Well, true that PB copies are convenient but I like HC way more.
      Lucky for you to buy online, I just dislike this place so much for inconveniency. Both online and bookstores. ARGH.

      Yep. Queen Elara is a tough antagonist. She's freaking terrific!

      Thank you. :))

  5. Wow, I'm kind of late, and I'm ashamed, my week was so busy :$ I'm so happy you did this tag, and thanks so much, you're so sweet! <3
    Loved reading your answers, especially the whole story about how you got into reading! And I understand you needing silence to read, I do, too ! I just love having a calm, relaxing place to read :)
    Thanks again for doing this tag, Yani! :D

    1. You're welcome, Marie. :)
      Thank you for reading my answers!

  6. Although I have like reading books since I was a kid, Harry Potter is the main reason why I LOVE reading books. I started reading HP series when it was still publishing. I feel like iI grow up reading the Harry potter series :)

    VA is my second favorite series too. Before I read VA series, I was a huge fan of Twilight series and I thought Twilight is the best vampire series ever. That is until I read VA! Twilight is nothing compare to VA. LOL

    I agree with you regarding Hardbounds. I love buying and reading in hardbound format. Yeah, they are a bit expensive but it looks so good in our shelves, right?! I always buy my favorite books in HB format.

    1. Hi Irish! Wow. You grew up reading HP series, huh? I have not heard of it not until my cousins recommended it to me. You're right, VA is more epic than Twilight! Haha. Yeah, hardbounds are just beautiful in our shelves. <3


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